Signing in with SSO (single sign-on)

The Gateway Pass allows you to have a single account for accessing Texas GatewayGateway Courses and Texas CTE Resource Center. With single sign-on, you only need to sign in once to access all three sites. If you haven't already created a Gateway Pass account, click here to sign up. 

There are a couple of different options to access the sites with single sign-on:

Option 1: Go to Pass ( and enter your credentials. You will be redirected to the Gateway Launchpad where you can choose to go to any of the three sites: Texas CTE Resource Center, Texas Gateway, or Gateway Courses. Click on your desired site to proceed.

Option 2: You can also go directly to any of the three sites: Texas Gateway (, Texas Courses (, or Texas CTE Resource Center ( Click Log-inYou will be redirected to Gateway Pass. Sign-in with your Pass account. Once your credentials are correctly entered, you are redirected back to site you started from. 


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